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Nursing Diagnosis List

Nursing Diagnosis List Grouped Under Functional Health Patterns

Functions / Pattern


Health perception-health management

Health maintenance, alterations in

Noncompliance Potential for injury Energy Field Disturbance

Growth and Development, Altered:
Adult Failure to Thrive, Risk for Altered Growth, Risk for Altered Development,

Health Maintenance Altered Surgical Recovery, Delayed

Health Seeking Behaviours Injury, Risk for Suffocation, Poisoning, Trauma

Injury, Risk for Perioperative Positioning Management of Therapeutic Regimen, inEffective


Nutrition, alterations in, less/more than body requirements

Oral mucous membrane, alterations in Skin integrity, impairment of

Adaptive Capacity, Decreased: Intracranial Body Temperature, High Risk for Altered Thermoregulation

Hypothermia, Hyperthermia Ineffective Breastfeeding

Fluid Volume Deficit / Excess / Imbalance Risk for Infection, Risk for Infection Transmission, Risk for Latex Allergy Altered Tissue Integrity


Bowel elimination, alterations in: constipation, diarrhea, incontinence , risk for…

Urinary elimination, alteration in patterns of Urinary Retention

Incontinence: Total, Functional, Reflex, Urge Incontinence,

Maturational Enuresis


Activity intolerance Airway clearance, ineffective Breathing patterns, ineffective

Cardiac output, alterations in: decreased Diversional activity deficit

Gas exchange, impaired Home maintenance management, impaired

Mobility, impaired physical (bed, walking, wheelchair) Respiratory function, alterations in

Self-care deficit: Total, Feeding, Bathing/hygiene, Dressing/grooming, Toileting

Tissue perfusion, alteration in Cerebral, Cardiopulmonary, Renal, Gastrointestinal, Peripheral


Sleep pattern disturbance sleep deprivation


Comfort, alterations in: pain, chronic pain, nausea Knowledge deficit (specify)

Sensory-perceptual alterations: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Gustatory, Tactile, Olfactory

Confusion (acute, chronic) risk for aspiration, unilateral neglect


Thought processes, alterations in: Anxiety, Fear, Fatigue, Powerlessness, Hopelessness

Self-concept, disturbance in Death Anxiety

Self-concept disturbance: low self-esteem, body image disturbance, personal identity disturbance


Communication, impaired verbal Family processes, alterations in

Grieving (specify) Parenting, alterations in altered role performance

Social isolation impaired social interaction Violence, potential for,

Sexuality / reproductive

Sexual dysfunction, Altered sexual pattern

Rape trauma syndrome

Coping stress tolerance

Coping, ineffective individual Coping, ineffective family

Caregiver role strain


Spiritual distress

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