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Best Way Calorie Controlled Diet Plans

Have you ever wanted to know about calories, but didn’t know where to look? – try to maintain the following guidelines to keep calories under your control!

What is a Calorie?

A unit of energy means a Calorie that measures the amount of energy contributed by food to your body. A calorie is also understood as a measure of energy produced when food is being processed during metabolism in the body.

Good Calories v/s Bad Calories

Good calories are contributed by foods that give you energy as well as nutrition, e.g. a big guava contains 100 calories, but it also stores minerals and vitamins. A small packet of potato chips, on the other hand, will give you 200 calories but no essential nutrients.

Does gaining calories mean Gaining Weight?

Weight gain is determined by the total number of calories consumed, as against the total number of calories burned/used for energy. In other words, if you consume more calories than you burn through exercise or physical activity, your body stores these excess calories as fat, resulting in those extra unwanted kilos!

How to excess Calories affect us?

Living in a modern-day lifestyle with erratic food habits, one tends to consume more calories than what their body needs. And before you realize it, the excess calories have been converted into and stored as fat cells in the body. This results in unnecessary weight gain, unsightly bulges and, worst of all, some quite uncalled for and avoidable serious health and lifestyle-related conditions, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases and obesity.

Keep the Calories under Control?

The key to a longer and healthier life is to keep calories under control. Getting rid of those extra calories is not as difficult as you think. A few tips that can help you burn calories without making big changes in your lifestyle:-

· Take stairs instead of lifts

· Park your car further in your parking lot

· Start your day with a 10 minute morning walk

· Play active sports with your kids

· Don’t crash diet

A Lot of Calories in Sugar – Find substitutes the Sugar!

The other way is to replace sugar with sugar substitute that has little or no calories, with the same great taste as sugar. Switching to a sugar substitute will allow you to eat the same food, while allowing you to cut excess calories intake, and thus help you remain fit. This sugar substitute helps you to indulge to your heart’s content in all the sweet delicacies. Take your choice able substitute and make a part of your daily diet and cut down up to 500 calories every day!

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