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Ineffective Coping

Ineffective Coping NANDA Definition: Inability to form a valid appraisal of the stressors, inadequate choices of practiced responses, and/or inability to use available resources.

Ineffective Coping Related Factors :
Situational/maturational crises
High degree of threat
Inadequate opportunity to prepare for stressor; disturbance in pattern of appraisal of threat
Inadequate level of confidence in ability to cope/perception of control; uncertainty
Inadequate resources available; inadequate social support created by characteristics of relationships
Disturbance in pattern of tension release; inability to conserve adaptive energies
Gender differences in coping strategies
[Work overload, no vacations, too many deadlines; little or no exercise]
[Impairment of nervous system; cognitive/sensory/perceptual impairment, memory loss]
[Severe/chronic pain]

Ineffective Coping Defining Characteristics

Verbalization of inability to cope or inability to ask for help
Sleep disturbance; fatigue
Abuse of chemical agents
[Reports of muscular/emotional tension, lack of appetite]

Lack of goal-directed behavior/resolution of problem, including inability to attend to and difficulty with organizing information;
[lack of assertive behavior]
Use of forms of coping that impede adaptive behavior [including inappropriate use of defense mechanisms, verbal manipulation]
Inadequate problem-solving
Inability to meet role expectations/basic needs
Decreased use of social supports
Poor concentration
Change in usual communication patterns
High illness rate [including high blood pressure, ulcers, irritable bowel, frequent headaches/neckaches]
Risk taking
Destructive behavior toward self or others [including overeating, excessive smoking/drinking, overuse of prescribed/OTC medications, illicit drug use]
[Behavioral changes (e.g., impatience, frustration, irritability, discouragement)]

Desired Outcomes/Evaluation
Criteria—Client Will:
• Assess the current situation accurately.
• Identify ineffective coping behaviors and consequences.
• Verbalize awareness of own coping abilities.
• Verbalize feelings congruent with behavior.
• Meet psychological needs as evidenced by appropriate expression of feelings, identification of options, and use of resources.

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