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Family Nursing Care Plan for Tuberculosis

Family nursing care is a series of activities provided through the practice of nursing, family to help resolve the issue using the family health nursing process approach.

The nursing process is a scientific method that is used systematically to assess and determine the issues of health and family nursing, nursing care plan and carry out nursing interventions to families that have been prepared according to plan and evaluate the quality of nursing care is carried on the family.

Family Nursing Care Plan for Tuberculosis


Five stages of the nursing process consists of: an assessment of the family, family problems and individual identification (nursing diagnoses), nursing care plan, implementation, deployment plans and evaluation of sources of care.

The nursing process has stages that are interdependent and structured systematically to describe the progression from one stage to another stage.

According to Friedman (1998:56) the process of nursing assessment by collecting information on an ongoing basis to the meaning attached to such information being collected. The assessment includes the collection of information is done in a systematic way, it means analyzed classified.

Data Collection

Data collection can be done by interview, observation, study and documentation of physical examination.

Data collected includes:

a. Family identity, which examined the age, occupation and residence.
Be at risk of tuberculosis patients are: individuals without adequate health care (homeless, prisoners), under the age of 15 years and young adults between 15-44 years old, rundown and stay in place under standard housing and jobs.

b. Cultural background or family practice
• Eating habits
In patients with tuberculosis had decreased appetite when it occurs continuously will cause the patient to be weak. Diet recommended for patients with tuberculosis: High Calorie High Protein.

• utilization of health facilities
Family's ability to utilize health services are very influential in the treatment of tuberculosis both for information and treatment. Some places that provide health services for tuberculosis is a health center, hospital and doctor.

• Socio-Economic Status
Low education levels influence patterns of thought and action in addressing family issues in the family. In contrast, families with higher education levels will be able to recognize problems and be able to take decisions to resolve the issue.

• Work and Income
Employment and income is very related. Family income will determine the ability of existing health problems. Ability to provide healthy housing, the ability of the ill treatment of family members and the ability to provide food with balanced nutrition.

• Activities
In addition to food, rest needs must also be considered. For patients with tuberculosis is recommended break of at least 8 hours per day.

• The development and family history
Level of development at this stage of family formation will be found to problems with low socioeconomic having to learn to adapt to the needs that must be met. New families learn to solve problems. In that situation, influence the level of family health. Low socioeconomic generally closely associated with health problems that they face due to ignorance and inability to overcome the problems they face. The absence of family history of health problems that have no effect on the health status of the family.

Environmental data

1. Characteristics of home
State of the narrow house, less ventilation, humidity, including home health condition under the standards. One factor that can cause tuberculosis bacteria survive the conditions of the humid air.

a. Characteristics of the environment
A clean home environment, waste disposal and proper waste disposal can reduce the transmission of tuberculosis and inhibit the growth of tuberculosis bacteria. TB is closely related to the condition of the slum environment.

b. Family gatherings and interaction with the community
Tuberculosis germs can be transmitted from the person through the air. The more frequent direct contact with patients infected with tuberculosis bereksiko once. Especially at home caring for the opportunity to contract tuberculosis than those located in public places.

2. Family structure

a. communication patterns
When the family communication that occurs in an open and two-way will be very supportive for people with tuberculosis. Remind each other and motivate patients to continue to take medication can speed up the healing process.

b. The role of family structure
When family members can receive and carry out its role properly will make family members happy and avoid any conflict in the family and society.

c. The structure of the family
Family members' ability to influence and control others to change behaviors that support healthy families. Problem solving and decision-making by consensus will be able to create a family atmosphere. Will arise in the family feel appreciated.

d. Family values ​​or norms
Individual behavior of each family member who ditampakan a picture of the prevailing values ​​and norms in the family.

3. Family Function

a. Affective Function
Family, loving and caring for sick family members tuberculosis will speed up the healing process. Because of the participation of family members in caring for a sick family member.

b. Socialization and Social Function Place
Family functions to develop and train social berkehidupan before leaving the house to relate to others.
There is no limit to socialize for people with the environment will affect the recovery of patients as long as people still consider her condition. Socialization is necessary because it can reduce stress for patients.

c. Function Care / Health Care
Associated with the ability to implement the 5 families in family duties in the health sector, namely:

• Identify family health issues
Health is a family needs that should not be ignored because of everything without health is meaningless because of health and sometimes the whole strength and resources depleted family funds. Inability of the family in identifying health problems in the family one of which is caused by a lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge about the understanding of the family, signs and symptoms, consequences, prevention, care and treatment of tuberculosis.

• Decide on appropriate health measures for families
This task is a major effort for families seeking help appropriate to their family circumstances, to consider who among families who have decided to determine the ability of the family action. Health measures undertaken by the family of the right to expect health problems can be reduced even resolved. Family's inability to take decisions in doing the right thing, because the family did not understand the nature, weight and extent of the problem and did not feel the prominence of the issue.

• Taking care of families experiencing health problems.
Families can take appropriate action and correct, but the family has its limitations. The inability of families caring for a sick family member due to not knowing how to care on the disease. If so, family members who experienced health problems need to obtain follow-up or maintenance can be performed in health care institutions.

• Modifying the family environment to ensure the health of family
Maintaining a good environment will improve the health of families and assist healing. The inability of the family in modifying the environment can be caused due to limited family resources such as financial, physical condition of the home who are not eligible
• Make use of health care facilities in the vicinity of the family
Family's ability to utilize health care facilities will help family members who are sick get help and get treatment immediately so the problem is resolved.

4. Reproductive Function
Generation of the family serves to maintain and sustain the family. And also a place to develop a universal reproductive functions, including: sexual health and quality sex education to children is very important.

5. Economic Functions
Family functioning to meet the needs of families, such as the need for food, clothing and a place of refuge (home). And a place to develop the individual's ability to meet the income needs of families.

6. Family coping
If ineffective family coping to stressors that will cause stress that this berkepanjangan.Hal will affect the immune system.

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