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Ineffective Individual Coping and Knowledge Deficient

Nursing Interventions for Headaches

Ineffective individual coping related to situations of crisis, personal vulnerability, inadequate support systems, excessive workload, inadequate relaxation, coping methods is inadequate, severe pain, excessive threat to himself.

Nursing Interventions ineffective individual Coping:
  1. Approach the patient with a friendly and attentive. Take advantage of activities that can be taught.
  2. Aids patients in understanding the changes in the concept of body image.
  3. Instruct the patient to express their feelings and discuss how the headaches that interfere with work and the pleasures of this life.
  4. Make sure the impact of illness on sexual needs.
  5. Provide information about the cause of headaches, treatment, and expected results.
  6. Collaboration : Refer to counseling and / or family therapy or assertiveness training classes where indicated.

Knowledge deficient: the condition and treatment needs related to lack of recall, did not know the information, cognitive keterbatasab.

Nursing Interventions for Knowledge deficient
  1. Discuss the individual etiology of headache if known.
  2. Assist patients in identifying possible predisposing factors, such as emotional stress, excessive temperature, food allergy / particular environment.
  3. Talk about drugs and their side effects. The return value is the need to reduce / stop the treatment as indicated
  4. Instruct the patient / person nearest in conducting program activities / exercise, food intake, and that raises a sense of comfort measures, such as massage and so on.
  5. Talk about the position / location of a normal body.
  6. Instruct the patient / person nearby to provide time to relax and have fun.
  7. Recommend to use the right brain activity, love and laughter / smiling.
  8. Recommend the use of fun music.
  9. Instruct the patient to pay attention to that experienced headache and associated factors or factors presipitasinya.
  10. Provide written information / instructions such records
  11. Identify and discuss the emergence of a hazard that is not real and / or therapy instead of medical therapy

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