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The Role of Family Health Care in Tuberculosis

The Role of Family Health Care in Tuberculosis. Associated with the family's ability to implement The Role of Family in Tuberculosis Health Care, namely:

a. Know the family health issues

Health is a family needs that should not be ignored because without health, everything is meaningless, and because sometimes the entire health care resources and the power of family funds depleted.

Inability of the family in identifying health problems in the family one of which is caused by a lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge about the understanding of the family, signs and symptoms, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis.

b. Decide what is right for family health

This task is a major effort for families seeking help appropriate to their family circumstances, to consider who among families who have decided to determine the ability of the family action. Health measures undertaken by the family of the right to expect health problems can be reduced even resolved.

Family's inability to take decisions in doing the right thing, because the family did not understand the nature, weight and extent of the problem and did not feel the prominence of the issue.

c. Caring for families experiencing health problems

Families can take appropriate action and correct, but the family has its limitations. The inability of families caring for a sick family member due to not knowing how to care on the disease. If so, family members who experienced health problems need to obtain follow-up or maintenance can be performed in health care institutions.

d. Modify the family environment to ensure the health of family

Maintaining a good environment will improve the health of families and assist healing. The inability of the family in modifying the environment can be caused due to limited family resources such as financial, physical condition of the home who are not eligible.

e. Utilize health care facilities in the vicinity of the family

Family's ability to utilize health care facilities will help family members who are sick get help and get treatment immediately so the problem is resolved.

Family Nursing Care Plan for Tuberculosis

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