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Self-Care Requisites - Dorothea Orem

Self-Care Requisites - Dorothea OremTerms of self-care is the goal to be achieved through a variety of nursing. (The purpose to be Attained through the Kinds of actions termed self care).

Divided into three categories:

1. Universal Self-Care requisites
Universal self-care requisites are present in humans and including the balance of air, water, food, elimination, activity and rest and solitude and social interaction, prevention of accidents and improve the function of the individual.

2. Developmental Self-Care requisites
Self-care needs in accordance with the process of development and maturity of a person to function optimally to prevent conditions that may hinder the development and maturation as well as conformance with these developments.
Example: adjustment for age and body shape changes.

2. Health Deviation Self-Care requisites
Health deviation (Deviation health) such as illness, injury or accident can reduce an individual's ability to meet the needs of self-carenya, either permanently or temporarily. These needs include:
1) Finding the right treatment and safe
2) Recognizing the impact of the disease pathology
3) Choosing a diagnostic procedure, therapeutic and rehabilitative appropriate and effective.
4) Understand and realize the uncomfortable effects of the treatment program
5) Modify the concept of self in order to receive their health status.
6) Learning to live with limitations.

Therapeutic Self-Care Demand is the totality of self-care measures that are formed in a span of time in order to find her care needs using valid methods.

Self Care Agency is a person's ability to be able to take into account the ability to care for himself. There are three related terms, namely:
• Agent: a person who does the
• Self care agent: a self-care providers
• Dependent care agent: is a provider of child care, child care or elder care

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