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Ineffective Individual Coping related to Headaches

Nursing Diagnosis: Ineffective Individual Coping related to inadequate relaxation, coping methods are not adequate, excess workload.

Inability to form a valid appraisal of the stressors, inadequate choices of practiced responses, and / or inability to use available resources.

Goal : adequate individual coping

Expected outcomes are:
  • Identify behaviors that are not effective.
  • Reveals the awareness about the coping skills they have.
  • Assessing the current situation is accurate.
  • Demonstrate the necessary lifestyle changes or the right situation.
Nursing Interventions Ineffective Individual Coping related to Headaches

1. Assess physiological capacity.
     Rational: Knowing the extent and identify irregularities and facilitate the body's physiological functions in nursing action.
2. Advises the client to express his feelings.
     Rational: the client will feel relief after revealing all his feelings and become more calm.
3. Provide information about the cause of headaches, calming and expected results.
     Rational: so the client knows the condition and treatment received, and give clients hope and encouragement to recover.

4. Approach the patient with a friendly and attentive, take advantage of activities that can be taught.
     Rational: make the client feel more meaningful and appreciated.

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