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Nursing Diagnosis HNP - Nursing Interventions Herniated Nucleus Pulposus

Nursing Diagnosis Interventions Herniated Nucleus Pulposus1. Nursing Diagnosis for Herniated nucleus pulposus : Acute pain related to nerve compression, muscle spasm

Nursing Interventions for HNP:
  • Assess complaints of pain, location, duration of attacks, precipitating factors / which aggravate. Set scale of 0-10
  • Maintain bed rest, semi-Fowler position with spinal, hip and knee in flexion, supine position
  • Use logroll (board) during a change of position
  • Assist patients in the installation of brace / corset
  • Limit your activity during the acute phase according to the needs
  • Teach relaxation techniques
  • Collaboration: analgesics, traction, physiotherapy

2. Nursing Diagnosis: Impaired physical mobility related to pain, muscle spasm, restrictive therapy, and neuromuscular damage

Nursing Interventions:
  • Give / aids patients to perform passive range of motion exercises and active
  • Assist patients in ambulation activities progressive
  • Provide good skin care, massage point pressure after rehap change in position. Check the state of the skin under the brace with the periods of time.
  • Note the emotional responses / behaviors in immobilizing
  • Demonstrate the use of auxiliary equipment such as a cane.
  • Collaboration: analgesic

3. Nursing Diagnosis for HNP: Anxiety related to the ineffectiveness of individual coping

Nursing Interventions:
  • Assess the patient's anxiety level
  • Provide accurate information
  • Give the patient the opportunity to reveal problems such as the possibility of paralysis, the effect on sexual function, changes in roles and responsibilities.
  • Review of the secondary problems that may hinder the desire to heal and may impede the healing process.
  • Involve the family.

4. Nursing Diagnosis for Herniated nucleus pulposus: Deficient knowledge related to the lack of information about the condition, prognosis

Nursing Interventions:
  • Explain the process of disease and prognosis, and restrictions on activities
  • Provide information about your own body mechanics to stand, lift and use ancillary shoes
  • Discuss the treatment and its side effects.
  • Recommend to use the board / mat is strong, a small pillow under the neck a bit flat, sloping bed with knees flexed, avoiding the tummy.
  • Avoid the use of heaters in a long time
  • Provide information about signs that need attention such as stab of pain, loss of sensation / ability to walk.

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