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Nursing Care Plan for Angina pectoris - 4 Diagnosis and Interventions

Nursing Care Plan for Angina pectoris1. Acute Pain related to myocardial ischemia

Nursing interventions:
  • Review the description and the factors that aggravate the pain.
  • Observation of vital signs every 5 minutes on each attack of angina pectoris.
  • Create a quiet environment, limit the visitor when necessary.
  • Put the client on total bedrest during episodes of angina (the first 24-30 hours) with a semi-Fowler position.
  • Give soft foods and let the client rest 1 hour after meals.
  • Teach distraction and relaxation techniques.
  • Medical collaboration in terms of drug delivery.

2. Activity intolerance related to decreased cardiac output.

Nursing interventions:

  • Maintain bed rest in a comfortable position.
  • Provide adequate rest periods, aids in the fulfillment of self-care activities in accordance with the indication.
  • Record the color and quality of the pulse.
  • Increase client activity on a regular basis.
  • ECG Monitor with frequent, and record ECG if there are complaints of angina pectoris.

3. Anxiety related to fear of the threat of sudden death.

Nursing interventions:
  • Explain all procedures act.
  • Increase expression of feelings and fear.
  • Encourage family and friends to consider the client as before.
  • Tell the client that the medical program has been made to reduce / limit the attack to come and increase the stability of the heart.
  • Collaboration.

4. Knowledge Deficit: (need to learn) about the disease, treatment needs related to the lack of information.

Nursing interventions:
  • Emphasize the need to prevent angina attacks.
  • Push to avoid the factors / situations as the originator of angina episodes.
  • Assess the importance of weight control, smoking cessation, dietary changes and exercise.
  • Show / encourage clients to monitor their own pulse rate during the activity, avoid stress.
  • Discuss the steps taken in the event of an attack of angina.
  • Encourage clients to follow a predetermined program.

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