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Rehabilitation Therapy for Stroke

Rehabilitation Therapy for StrokeDisability caused by the stroke, depending on which part is damaged, and how extensive the damage.

In general, defects that arise can be grouped into five, among others:
  • Paralysis or impaired movement set (motor)
  • Disturbance of taste (sensory), including pain
  • Language disorder (aphasia)
  • Impaired thinking or memory (memory)
  • Emotional disturbances.
In order to overcome the problems mentioned above, then the post-stroke rehabilitation process will perform in a holistic therapy and variations, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, counseling and spiritual guidance.

Let us identify what is being done therapy at rehabilitation

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy or better known as a physiotherapist, is part of the Medical Rehabilitation Teams that play a role in the training of patients with abnormal posture, movement disorders and muscle problems. Physiotherapist tasks are: To assist patients in performing exercise or muscle manipulation in accordance with patients' problems, such as muscle strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy, balance and coordination exercises, stretching exercises etc.. Help patients cope with muscle problems with the tools for instruction specialist physiotherapy.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is part of a team that plays a role in Medical Rehabilitation: Helping the patient to perform fine motor movements. Train the patient in performing activities of daily living such as moving from sitting to standing, bathing, dressing, eating, etc.. Train the patient to make adaptive movements with various tools. Assist the patient in the process of returning to work.

What is Speech Therapy?

Is part of a team that plays a role in Medical Rehabilitation: Helping the patient to communicate to aid communication with exercises such as pronunciation (articulation) or with a communication tool. Help patients with swallowing disorders (dysphagia) with training / special maneuvers to facilitate the process of swallowing.

Counseling Psychology

Help provide mental support for the patient while the patient is depressed. A test of intellectual (IQ tests) when needed.

Medical Social Officer

To evaluate patient residence and employment and provide education to organize an easier place to live according to the condition of the patient performs the activity of the patient. Helped find donors when there are patients who require a fee. If necessary, helping patients to gain skills in accordance with the patient's condition, to be used for livelihood.

Spiritual director can help to support mental patients in the religious field.

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