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Typoid Fever - Hyperthermia related to the infection process

Here are examples of nursing diagnosis and interventions Hyperthermia, in patients with Typoid Fever:

Nursing Diagnosis for Typoid Fever: Hyperthermia related to the infection process

Nursing Intervention:
1) Monitor the body temperature at least every 2 hours.
Rationale: Knowing the temperature changes, the temperature of 38.9 to 41.1 C showed the inflammatory process.

2) Describe efforts to address hyperthermia and assist clients / families in carrying out these efforts, such as giving a cold compress on the frontal region, groin and axilla, blanket the patient to prevent the loss of body warmth, increase your fluid intake by drinking more.
Rationale: Helps reduce fever.

3) Observation vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration) every 2-3 hours.
Rationale: Vital signs can give you a general state of the client.

4) Monitor decreased level of consciousness.
Rationale: Determine interventions to prevent further complications.

6) Encourage families to limit the activities of the client.
Rationale: In order to speed up the healing process.

5) Collaboration with other medical teams to antipyretic medication and antibiotics.
Rationale: Drug antiperitik to reduce the heat and antibiotics treat infections salmonella typhi bacilli.

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