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Acute Pain related to Lung Cancer

Nursing Care Plan for Lung Cancer

Acute pain related to cancer cell invasion

Goal: after the nursing intervention, the expected decrease pain scale clients.

Expected outcomes:
  • Reported pain gone / controlled.
  • Looked relaxed and sleep / rest.
  • Participate in activities desired / required.

Intervention and rational:

1). Ask the patient about pain. Determine the characteristics of pain. Create ranges intensity on a scale of 0-10.
Rational: Assist in the evaluation of the painful symptoms of cancer. The use of scale ranges help patients assess the level of pain and provide a tool for the evaluation of the effectiveness of analgesic, improving pain control.

2) Assess statement of verbal and non-verbal patient's pain.
Rationale: The discrepancy between verbal / non-verbal can provide clues degree of pain, the need / keefeketifan intervention.

3) Write down the possible causes of pain patofisologi and psychology.
Rational: posterolateral incision is uncomfortable for the patient from the anterolateral incision. Besides the fear, distress, anxiety and loss of appropriate diagnosis of cancer can interfere with the ability to cope.

4) Instruct to express feelings of pain.
Rational: Fear / problems can increase muscle tension and lower the threshold of pain perception.

5) Provide comfort measures. Encourage and teach the use of relaxation techniques.
Rationale: Increase relaxation and distraction.

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