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Nursing Process Management

Definition of Management

According to Gillies (1986) Management is defined as a process in completing the work through others. While the nursing management is a process of working through a member of the nursing staff to provide nursing care in a professional manner. The nursing manager is required to plan, organize, lead, and evaluate the facilities and infrastructure available to provide nursing care as effectively and efficiently as possible for individuals, families, and communities.

Nursing management process in accordance with the nursing process as a method of execution in a professional nursing care, so expect the two can be mutually supportive. As the process of nursing, nursing management consists of the above: data collection, diagnosis / problem identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation of results. Because the nursing management have specificity against the majority of power rather than a clerk, then each stage in the management process more complicated when compared with the nursing process.

Management for Nurses

Why a nurse must learn the science of leadership and management? At least three reasons why the answer as a nurse had to learn it. The reason is because the nurses have a role are as follows:

1. The role of the nurse as coordinator.

That the task of providing nursing care, a nurse should be able to manage the patient which it is responsible. For the treatment of patients is not carried out by nurses themselves but must cooperate with doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and other health team. To manage other health team. To manage other health team to be more orderly, organized, planned well coordinated, then the nurse needs to master the science of leadership and management.

2. Nurses act as leaders and managers.

The number and qualifications of nurses who work in the treatment room are many and varied. In the implementation of nursing care, nurses are organized and led by the head of the infirmary. The head of the infirmary will perform the role as a manager at the same time play the role as a leader, organize and direct the nurse in charge. In reality though is set up and directed, either frequent conflicts among nurses and between nurses and head room as a leader. Therefore, in order to anticipate and address the problems that will arise nurses need to learn and master the science of management and leadership.

3. Nurses act as leaders and managers themselves.

As a professional nurse, each nurse must be able to lead and to govern themselves. Without a good self-management skills hard to nurse will be able to provide professional nursing care services to patients.

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